Mountain View Whisman School District

Board of Trustees - Regular Meeting

1400 Montecito Avenue

October 10, 2019

5:30 PM

Amended - (10/07/2019)

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As a courtesy to others, please turn off your cell phone upon entering.


Under Approval of Agenda, item order may be changed. All times are approximate.

I.CALL TO ORDER (5:30 p.m.)
The meeting was called to order at 5:30 p.m.
The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Ms. Wilson.
B.Roll Call

Present:  Blakely, Conley, Gutiérrez, Wheeler, Wilson


C.Approval of Agenda
A motion was made by Laura Blakely and seconded by Ellen Wheeler to approve the agenda, as presented.

Ayes: Blakely, Conley, Gutierrez, Wheeler, Wilson

No members of the public wished to address the Board concerning items on the Closed Session agenda. 
The meeting was adjourned to Closed Session at 5:32 p.m.
A.Potential Litigation
1.Significant exposure to litigation pursuant to subdivision (d)(2) of section 54956.9: One (1) potential item involving two (2) claims.
2.Potential Litigation: Gov. Code 54955.9, subd. (d)(1)) OCR Case 09-19-1165
B.Conference with Labor Negotiators
1.Conference with Labor Negotiators (Government Code 54957.6)

Agency designated representatives:   Ayindé Rudolph, Carmen Ghysels, Swati Dagar, Acantha Ellard, Ryan Santiago, Jonathan Pearl

Employee Organization:  Mountain View Educators Association

C.Public Employee Performance Evaluation: Superintendent
The meeting was reconvened at 6:54 p.m.
A.Closed Session Report

Ms. Wilson reported that the Board approved a settlement agreement for students 60014563 and students 60014564 that resolves two claims for special education placement and services.


The Board also voted unanimously  to approve a resolution agreement with the Office of Civil Rights to provide training to administrators and staff on applicable law in order for the Office of Civil Rights to discontinue investigation of a complaint against the district. 

The following items will be handled with one action; however, any item may be removed from consideration by individual Board Members or the Superintendent.  
A motion was made by Ellen Wheeler and seconded by Devon Conley to approve all items on the Consent Agenda, as presented.

Ayes: Blakely, Conley, Gutierrez, Wheeler, Wilson

A.Personnel Report
1.Personnel Report to the Board of Trustees
1.Minutes for September 19 and 21, 2019
1.Contract(s) for Ratification or Review
D.Approval of Payroll Report and Accounts Payable Warrant List for the Month of September
E.Resolution No. 01-101019 State Preschool
F.Quarterly Report on Williams Uniform Complaints
G.Mountain View Whisman School District Office New Construction Project Change Order No. 5 – Premier Builders, Inc.
H.Notice of Completion – Castro and Stevenson Elementary Schools New Playgrounds
A.Employee Organizations
Sean Dechter, President of the Mountain View Educators Association, addressed the Board regarding upcoming negotiations with the District. 
B.District Committees
No report at this time.
Dr. Rudolph reported that the annual earthquake exercise will be held next week. 

This is the time reserved for community members to address the Board on items that are not on the agenda.  The Board and Administration welcome this opportunity to listen; however, in compliance with the Brown Act, the Board is not permitted to take action on non-agenda items. 


Speakers are requested to complete a speaker card and state their name for the record.


If there are additional comments after 10 minutes have elapsed, this item may be continued after all the action and discussion items are completed.


Notes on Community Comments on Agendized Items
The staff presentation to the Board will occur first for each item.  The Board will then ask clarifying questions.  Afterwards, the community will be invited to comment.  Any person wishing to speak will be granted up to three (3) minutes at the time the item appears on the agenda.  Comments will be taken for up to 10 minutes, with extra time allowed for translation, as needed.  Prior to addressing the Board, each speaker is requested to complete a speaker card (located on the counter near the door), give it to the Superintendent's Executive Assistant, and state his/her name for the record.  We ask that you speak from the podium so that we may better hear you.  At the conclusion of remarks or after 10 minutes has elapsed, the public comment portion is closed for that item and the Board will return to their own deliberations and comments.  Please see the Board's "Welcome" brochure for more specifics on how Board meetings are run.  The Board is grateful to have district personnel in the audience.  These personnel may be consulted during the Board's discussion on any item.

The following member of the public addressed the Board:

  • Jasmine Teleki, regarding parents and students lobbying to add dress code modernization to Board agenda for this year
A.Resolution No. 02-101019, Authorizing the Issuance of Mountain View Whisman School District (Santa Clara County, California) 2019 General Obligation Refunding Bonds (10 minutes)
A motion was made by Ellen Wheeler and seconded by Jose Gutierrez to approve Resolution No. 02-101019, Authorizing the Issuance of Mountain View Whisman School District (Santa Clara County, California) 2019 General Obligation Refunding Bonds, as presented.

Ayes: Blakely, Conley, Gutierrez, Wheeler, Wilson

B.Resolution No. 03-101019, Debt Issuance and Management Policy (10 minutes)
A motion was made by Laura Blakely and seconded by Devon Conley to approve and adopt Resolution No. 03-101019, Debt Issuance and Management Policy, as presented and waive second reading.

Ayes: Blakely, Conley, Gutierrez, Wheeler, Wilson

A.Results of Recent Polling for Potential Parcel Tax and/or Bond Election (45 minutes)
The Board heard a report on results of the recent polling conducted regarding a potential parcel tax and/or bond election.
B.Compensation Study (30 minutes)
The Board heard a report on a recent compensation study conducted by Hanover Research to compare salaries in the district with those of comparable districts. 
C.Enrollment Update (15 minutes)
The Board heard an update on enrollment in the district for the 2019-20 school year. 
D.Future Growth in Mountain View Whisman School District (60 minutes)

The Board heard information regarding future growth in the City of Mountain View that will significantly impact enrollment in the District. 


A motion was made by Ms. Wheeler and was seconded by Ms. Conley to extend the meeting to no later than 10:30 p.m.


Ayes:  Blakely, Conley, Wheeler, Wilson

Noes:  Gutiérrez

E.2018-19 California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) Report of Results
The Board heard a report on results of the 2018-19 California Assessment of Student Performance and  

Mr. Gutierrez: 

1.  Invited everyone to attend an informational session on mental health basics are Graham on October 23, 6:00 p.m.

2. Met with C. Olson, Executive Director of Mentor Tutor Connection
3. Met with City Council member L Ramirez
4. Attend DELAC meeting
5. Attend Graham Choir event
6. Attend City Council Meeting on 10/15


Ms. Wheeler:

1.     Attended the 2nd Annual SELPA-1 CAC Parents BBQ.

2.     Attended the 1st meeting of the Santa Clara County School Boards Association meeting of this school year.

3.     Met with a district parent.

4.     Met with Shali Sirkay, trustee, Los Altos School District.

5.     Attended the reception for this year’s new Leadership Mountain View class (including welcoming MVWSD trustee Devon Conley in this year’s class).

6.     Attended the October Strong Start meeting at the Santa Clara County Office of Education.

7.     Met with Superintendent Rudolph for our monthly 1:1 meeting.


Ms. Conley asked for the Board to consider an item on the dress code policy.  Trustees agreed to roll this discussion into the task of the Wellness Committee. 
A.Future Board Meeting Dates

September 21, 2019 -study session regarding homeless population

October 10, 2019 - enrollment update

October 17, 2019 - study session regarding future growth

October 24, 2019 - assessment report

November 7, 2019 - site plans, dashboard and goals update

November 21, 2019 - potential bond or parcel tax election

December 12, 2019 - First Interim Report

The meeting was adjourned at 10:29 p.m.





The open session will be video recorded and live streamed on the District's website (




As a courtesy to others, please turn off your cell phone upon entering. 




Persons attending Board meetings are requested to refrain from using perfumes, colognes or any other products that might produce a scent or chemical emission. 




The Mountain View Whisman School District is dedicated to providing access and communication for all those who desire to attend Board meetings. Anyone planning to attend a Board meeting who requires special assistance or English translation or interpretation is asked to call the Superintendent's Office at (650) 526-3552 at least 48 hours in advance of the time and date of the meeting.


El Distrito Escolar de Mountain View Whisman esta dedicado a proveer acceso y comunicacion a todas las personas que deseen asistir a las reuniones de la Junta. Se pide que aquellas personas que planean asistir a esta reunion y requieren de asistencia especial llamen a la Oficina del Superintendente al (650) 526-3552 con por lo menos 48 horas de anticipacion del horario y fecha de esta reunion, para asi poder coordinar los arreglos especiales.


Documents provided to a majority of the Governing Board regarding an open session item on this agenda will be made available for public inspection in the District Office, located at 1400 Montecito Avenue during normal business hours. 

Los documentos que se les proveen a la mayoria de los miembros de la Mesa Directiva sobre los temas en la sesion abierta de este orden del dia estaran disponibles para la inspeccion publica en la Oficina del Distrito, localizada en el 1400 Montecito Avenue durante las horas de oficinas regulares.