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Mountain View Whisman School District

Agenda Item for Board Meeting of 9/6/2018

Agenda Category:  CONSENT AGENDA

Agenda Item Title:  2017-2018 Fund 25 Developer Fees Report

Estimated Time: 

Person Responsible:  Robert Clark, Ed.D., Chief Business Officer


Government Code Sections 66001 and 66006 imposed detailed requirements on public agencies that levy development fees.  These sections require school districts collecting statutory school facilities fees to make an annual accounting of those fees available to the public within 180 days of the end of the fiscal year.


The attached document displays the revenues and expenditures of the prior year Fund 25 Developer Fees activities.


Fiscal Implication:

Recommended Action: 
No action required.

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2017-2018 Fund 25 Developer Fees ReportBackup Material8/28/2018