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Mountain View Whisman School District

Agenda Item for Board Meeting of 8/23/2018

Agenda Category:  Contracts

Agenda Item Title:  Contract(s) for Ratification or Review

Estimated Time: 

Person Responsible:  Robert Clark, Ed.D., Chief Business Officer


On November 19, 2015, the District's Governing Board approved Resolution No. 1580.11/15 delegating authority to award contracts to the District's Superintendent, Chief Business Officer, Associate Superintendent(s), and Assistant Superintendent(s) pursuant to Education Code sections 17604 and 17605.

All contracts approved by those authorized to do so pursuant to that delegation authority are to be submitted to the District's Governing Board for ratification. Contracts that do not, however, involve an expenditure in excess of the bid limits specified in Public Contract Code section 20111 need only be reviewed by the District's Governing Board every 60 days.  The applicable bid limits are $15,000 for construction contracts and $90,200 in 2018 (adjusted annually) for the purchase of equipment, materials, supplies, non-construction services, or repairs including maintenance.


Presented for ratification are the following contract(s):

  1. Esther B. Clark School - Nonpublic school placement; provide special education and/or related services to individuals with disabilities $400,000
  2. Pacific Autism Center for Education - Nonpublic school placement; provides special education and/or related services to individuals with disabilities, $140,330.00
  3.  Pine Hill School - Provide special education services to individuals with disabilities, $114,350.00
  4. Sunbelt Staffing - Licensed staffing agency providing supplemental staffing such as Speech Language Pathologist & augmentative and alternative communication, $157,458.68
  5. Therapeutic Learning Center - Provide 1:1 Instructional Aide, $350,000.00
  6. Zum Services, Inc.  - Provide special education transportation services to elementary age students, including transportation of ambulatory and non-ambulatory students, $206,400.00


Presented for review are the following contract(s):

  1. Curriculum Associates - Online Math/Reading RTI Program for Middle Schools, $38,640.00
  2. David Taussig & Associates - Provide financial consulting services to assist with parcel tax, special tax, or special assessment NTE, $3,000.00
  3. DJ Circle Entertainment - DJ for Back to School dance at Crittenden Middle School, $795.00
  4. EAB Global, Inc. - District Leadership Forum, $21,500.00
  5. Marilyn J. Buzolich - Augmentative assistive communication and/or assistive technology services and consultation to district, $12,800.00
  6. NewsELA - Theuerkauf School Reading License, $3,850.00
  7. Next Lesson, Inc. - Online licenses for standard aligned lessons, $5,239.00
  8. Santa Clara Office of Education - Librarian of Records Services, $2,556.00
  9. Schoolbinder Inc. (TeachBoost) - A customizable instructional leadership platform (licenses), $21,000.00
  10. Soul Shoppe - Social and emotional learning program at Theuerkauf School, $18,050.00
  11. Square Panda - Multisensory learning approach using phonics and reading games to teach kids to read faster, $no cost to MVWSD
  12. Symon Hayes Education Consultant - Provide professional development for the staff at Stevenson School, $4,880.00
  13. Swing Education - Supplemental substitute calling system, $40,000.00
  14. Teambuilding ROI - Retreat Teambuilding Workshop, $6,500.00
  15. Teambuilding ROI - Teambuilding for Special Ed Staff, $6,500.00

Fiscal Implication:

See Rationale for details. 

Recommended Action: 
That the Board of Trustees ratify or review the contracts, as presented. 

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Curriculum Assoc.Backup Material7/3/2018
David Taussig & AssociatesBackup Material8/13/2018
DJ CircleBackup Material8/16/2018
Dr. Marilyn J. BuzolichBackup Material8/15/2018
EAB Global, Inc.Backup Material7/9/2018
Esther B. ClarkBackup Material8/16/2018
NewsELABackup Material7/9/2018
NextLessonBackup Material7/3/2018
Pacific Autism CenterBackup Material7/27/2018
Pine Hill SchoolBackup Material8/2/2018
Santa Clara Office of EdBackup Material7/12/2018
Schoolbinder (TeachBoost)Backup Material8/13/2018
Soul ShoppeBackup Material7/2/2018
Square PandaBackup Material7/3/2018
Sunbelt StaffingBackup Material8/15/2018
Swing EducationBackup Material7/26/2018
Symon HayesBackup Material6/21/2018
Teambuilding ROIBackup Material7/12/2018
Teambuilding ROI SP. EdBackup Material7/12/2018
Therapeutic Learning CenterBackup Material8/15/2018
Zum ServicesBackup Material8/16/2018