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Mountain View Whisman School District

Agenda Item for Board Meeting of 6/14/2018

Agenda Category:  Contracts

Agenda Item Title:  Contract(s) for Ratification or Review

Estimated Time: 

Person Responsible:  Robert Clark, Ed.D., Chief Business Officer


On November 19, 2015, the District's Governing Board approved Resolution No. 1580.11/15 delegating authority to award contracts to the District's Superintendent, Chief Business Officer, Associate Superintendent(s), and Assistant Superintendent(s) pursuant to Education Code sections 17604 and 17605.

All contracts approved by those authorized to do so pursuant to that delegation authority are to be submitted to the District's Governing Board for ratification. Contracts that do not, however, involve an expenditure in excess of the bid limits specified in Public Contract Code section 20111 need only be reviewed by the District's Governing Board every 60 days.  The applicable bid limits are $15,000 for construction contracts and $88,300 in 2017 (adjusted annually) for the purchase of equipment, materials, supplies, non-construction services, or repairs including maintenance.

Presented for ratification are the following contract(s):

  1. Pearson Inc. - Professional Development SIOP Training for teachers & administrators, $165,000.00



Presented for review are the following contract(s):

  1. Alpha Vista Services, Inc. - Speech/Language Pathologist for  services for multiple students District Wide $82.00/hr (Individual/Group) $87.00/hr (Bilingual) 5 days per week/40 hrs per week
  2. Analytic Schools - Software solution for the management of Human Resources and Financial Functions, $11,397.00
  3. BMR Health Services - Provide Speech Language Pathologists, occupational & physical therapists to the MVWSD pay rage $95.00-$102.00
  4. Follett School Solutions - Professional development "Custom Destiny Library Manager", $2,500.00
  5. Goodfellow Occupational Therapy Inc. - Supply District with occupational therapy services, $100/hr 5 days per week
  6. Mountain View Police Depart. - Provision of busing services in support of the Dreams & Future Program, $no cost to MVWSD
  7. Olimpico Learning - Addendum: Academic Summer Program School 5 classrooms additional, $20,000.00
  8. Playworks Education -  Provide a program coordinator and physical activity program at Castro School, $14,550.00
  9. Reading Partners - For Castro site to provide additional individualized reading intervention, $17,500.00
  10. Ro Health Inc. - Provide special education instruction and services with respect to each pupil pay range, $45.00-99.00/hr
  11. UC Berkeley - History-Social Science Project 3-day summer institute for teachers, $8,536.00

Fiscal Implication:
See Rationale for details. 

Recommended Action: 
That the Board of Trustees ratify or review the contracts as presented. 

DescriptionTypeUpload Date
Analytic AgreementBackup Material6/5/2018
BMR Health ServicesBackup Material6/7/2018
Follet School SolutionBackup Material6/7/2018
Goodfellow ContractBackup Material6/6/2018
MV Police Dept. MOUBackup Material6/6/2018
Olimpico Learning - AddendumBackup Material6/7/2018
Pearson Inc. Backup Material6/6/2018
Playworks EducationBackup Material6/7/2018
Reading PartnersBackup Material6/6/2018
Ro Health Inc. Backup Material6/7/2018
UC BerkeleyBackup Material5/29/2018
Alpha Vista Master ContractBackup Material6/8/2018