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Mountain View Whisman School District

Agenda Item for Board Meeting of 9/8/2022


Agenda Item Title:  Shoreline Regional Park Community Funding Update (JPA) (120 minutes)

Estimated Time: 

Person Responsible:  Dr. Ayindé Rudolph, Superintendent

Staff will do an overview of funding received from Mountain View Shoreline Regional Park Community. 

Fiscal Implication:

Recommended Action: 

DescriptionTypeUpload Date
Shoreline Regional Park Community - JPA (Share Shoreline)Presentation9/2/2022
City of MV Memorandum 2-3-11 attachmentsBackup Material9/2/2022
City of MV MemorandumBackup Material9/2/2022
Downtown Redevelopment Agency Docs.Backup Material9/2/2022
Email J Pollart to City StaffBackup Material9/2/2022
Email MVWSD Bd of TrusteesBackup Material9/2/2022
Into SRPC Information 2010-2011 and TOCBackup Material9/2/2022
Letter J Pollart to City StaffBackup Material9/2/2022
Op Ed MV Voice K DugganBackup Material9/2/2022
Op Ed, MV Voice J PollartBackup Material9/2/2022
Report to MVWSD Bd of Trustees 2-3-11Backup Material9/2/2022