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Mountain View Whisman School District

Agenda Item for Board Meeting of 8/3/2021

Agenda Category:  REVIEW AND ACTION

Agenda Item Title:  Public Hearing - New Board Policy 6158 - Remote Independent Study for Assembly Bill 130 (15 minutes)

Estimated Time:  15 min

Person Responsible:  Tara Vikjord, Chief Human Relations Officer

Staff will present the Board of Trustees with a new Board Policy 6158 (BP 6158) for Assembly Bill 130 (AB 130) Remote Independent Study. 

Fiscal Implication:

Recommended Action: 
It is recommended that the Board of Trustees approve the proposed new Board Policy (BP) 6158 Remote Independent Study at first reading, as presented. 

DescriptionTypeUpload Date
AB130 BP 6158 Remote Independent StudyBackup Material7/30/2021