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Mountain View Whisman School District

Agenda Item for Board Meeting of 8/12/2021

Agenda Category:  Contracts

Agenda Item Title:  Contracts

Estimated Time: 

Person Responsible:  Rebecca Westover, Ed. D., Chief Business Officer


On November 19, 2015, the District's Governing Board approved Resolution No. 1580.11/15 delegating authority to award contracts to the District's Superintendent, Chief Business Officer, Associate Superintendent(s), and Assistant Superintendent(s) pursuant to Education Code sections 17604 and 17605.

All contracts approved by those authorized to do so pursuant to that delegation authority are to be submitted to the District's Governing Board for ratification. Contracts that do not, however, involve an expenditure in excess of the bid limits specified in Public Contract Code section 20111 need only be reviewed by the District's Governing Board every 60 days.  The applicable bid limits are $15,000 for construction contracts and $96,700 in 2021 (adjusted annually) for the purchase of equipment, materials, supplies, non-construction services, or repairs including maintenance.


Presented for ratification are the following contract(s):



Presented for review are the following contract(s):


  1. All For KIDZ, Inc. - Virtual school-wide assembly presentation of The NED Show at Monta Loma Elementary on August 13th that teaches the importance of persistence, doing your personal best and learning from mistakes. $1,500
  2. Ascendancy Solutions, Inc. - Provide a Technical Assistance Facilitator to assist with monitoring and implementation of the CCEIS Plan for the 2021-2022 school year. $1,500
  3. Association of Two-Way & Dual Language Education (ATDLE) - Consultants from ATDLE will work with Mistral Staff on linguistically balanced schedule, ELD and alignment of Spanish assessments. $2,000
  4. Carducci Associates - Provide landscape architectural and tree replacement services at various school sites for the MVWSD Solar Project. Not to exceed $15,500
  5. CSBA - GAMUT software allows managing board policies online. $2,810
  6. Every Monday Matters - Professional development training for Beyond The Bell staff with focus on fostering and sustaining an environment of social and emotional development and learning for students and staff. $2,250
  7. Learning Ally - District wide special education audiobook reading licenses. Contract is for 5 years from 2021-2022 school year to July 2025. $61,211.50
  8. Orbach Huff & Henderson LLP - Provide legal advice and counseling services for MVWSD related to property, business, facilities, construction, personnel, etc. Fee based on services provided per hourly rate or by mutual agreement for special projects or particular scopes of work. Partners/Senior Counsel/Of Counsel: $295/hour; Associates: $275/hour; Paralegals: $175/hour; and Clerks: $55/hour. 
  9. Peninsula Bridge - Provide after-school programming focused on Math and Language Arts for 5th, 6th and 7th grade students for the 2021-2022 school year. $20,000
  10. Playworks - Professional development for Beyond the Bell staff on power of play and game facilitation. $6,000
  11. RoHealth, Inc. - MVWSD will contract for one LVN to support with covid protocols. Not to exceed $86,400
  12. SAVVAS Learning Company LLC - SIOP training for district coaches for the 2021-2022 school year. $70,000
  13. SCCOE - Provide Behavioral Health Services for suicide prevention training. Kognito health simulation programs for the 2021-2022 school year. $1,890
  14. SCCOE - Provide Librarian of Records service for the 2021-2022 school year. $3,564.75
  15. Solution Tree - Virtual professional development training on August 6 & 9, 2021 on effective learning strategies-differentiation. $17,925
  16. Testing Engineers, Inc. - Provide special testing and inspection services for the district office reconfiguration construction project. $1,648
  17. Therapeutic Learning Consultants - Master Contract for SPED student services for 2021-2022 school year. $69,190
  18. Wheelehan School Business Consulting - Provide consulting services to the Chief Business Officer for the 2021-2022 school year. Not to exceed $20,000
  19. YMCA - Project Cornerstone - Provide support to MVWSD's efforts to provide a positive school climate with social and emotional learning support for all of its students and to increase parent/adult and staff engagement for the 2021-2022 school year. $10,000

Fiscal Implication:
See background for details.

Recommended Action: 
It is recommended that the Board of Trustees ratify or review the contracts as presented.

DescriptionTypeUpload Date
All For KIDZ, Inc. - PSA Monta LomaBackup Material8/4/2021
Ascendancy Solutions, Inc. - PSA SPEDBackup Material7/26/2021
Association of Two-Way & Dual Language Education- ATDLE - PSA MistralBackup Material8/5/2021
Carducci Associates - Service AgreementBackup Material8/4/2021
CSBA -GAMUT - Service AgreementBackup Material6/28/2021
Every Monday Matters - 2021-2022 BTBBackup Material8/5/2021
Learning Ally - Proposal Contract 2021-2025Backup Material7/20/2021
Orbach Huff & Henderson - Service AgreementBackup Material6/28/2021
Peninsula Bridge - MOU 2021-2022Backup Material7/7/2021
Playworks - 2021-2022 BTBBackup Material8/5/2021
RoHealth, Inc. - Staffing AgreementBackup Material8/5/2021
SAVVAS Learning Company LLC - PSABackup Material8/5/2021
SCCOE - Behavioral Health Services - AgreementBackup Material7/29/2021
SCCOE -Librarian of Records MOU 2021-2022Backup Material7/19/2021
Solution Tree - AgreementBackup Material8/5/2021
Testing Engineers, Inc. - Service Proposal Backup Material7/29/2021
Therapeutic Learning Consultants - Master Contract 2021-2022Backup Material8/5/2021
Wheelehan School Business Consulting - Agreement 2021-2022Backup Material7/29/2021
YMCA - Project Cornerstone MOU 2021-2022Backup Material7/8/2021