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Mountain View Whisman School District

Agenda Item for Board Meeting of 6/3/2021


Agenda Item Title:  California Dashboard Local Indicators (20 minutes)

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Cathy Baur

Chief Academic Officer


Staff will present an overview of the District’s local indicator data which will be included on the California Dashboard.


The California Dashboard is used by parents/guardians, educators, other stakeholders and the to see how local educational agencies and schools are performing under California's school accountability system.  The Dashboard displays overall performance and student group performance on multiple measures called state and local indicators. 


State indicators are populated by the California Department of Education onto the Dashboard and Districts use the State Board of Education approved self-reflection tools to measure progress on data collected at the local level.


The local indicators are:

·       State Priority 1 - Basic Services and Conditions of Learning 

·       State Priority 2 - Implementation of State Academic Standards 

·       State Priority 3 - Parent Engagement.

·       State Priority 6 - School Climate 

·       State Priority 7 - Broad Course of Study


All local indicators must be updated annually and reported to the local Governing Board in conjunction with the approval of the Local Control Accountability Plan

Due to impacts from the pandemic during the 2020-21 school year the California Department of Education (CDE) is seeking to only produce a limited Dashboard which will include local indicator data for all districts.


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