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Mountain View Whisman School District

Agenda Item for Board Meeting of 10/1/2020


Agenda Item Title:  Canopy-Solar Shade Footprint, Plans, and Impact at Stevenson (5 minutes)

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Kim Reynolds

Representing the PACT Foundation

The Stevenson Elementary School Community is concerned that the proposed canopy-style solar shade structure will not provide adequate shade in both of the areas we need it most: 1) lunch tables and 2) along the northernmost building on campus (classrooms 13-18). This building has an East-West orientation with classroom entrances on the South side. Due to the lack of an adequate overhang, these classrooms receive direct sunlight all day. The hooks where students hang their backpacks, food, and water bottles are exposed to high temperatures that cause food to heat and spoil. At other campuses in our district there are overhangs that provide shade to East-West oriented buildings. During the last week, we have been able to have discussions that have clarified two possible solutions to our campus’s challenges. The two options discussed include: 1) installing two canopy-style solar structures on our campus: one on the blacktop to shade lunch tables, one in the parking lot that will also provide electric vehicle charging stations, and installing an overhang along rooms 13-18 that will provide shade to the classrooms or 2) installing one large canopy-style solar structure on the blacktop that will provide shade to our lunch tables and to all the classrooms located in the building of concern. We appreciate the time, effort, and open-dialogue that we have been able to have in the last week with the Board of Trustees and MVWSD Office. As we received new information on Monday, September 28, we are requesting that we be allowed to discuss the new proposals with the Stevenson Community at our next PACT Foundation Board meeting on Tuesday, October 13, before the final contract is approved. We are also requesting the Board of Trustees and MVWSD Office provide the community with the final location, dimensions, mounting angle, and seasonal shade footprint before moving forward with the solar contract vote. We will present slides detailing our understanding of the proposals.

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