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Mountain View Whisman School District

Agenda Item for Board Meeting of 10/1/2020

Agenda Category:  REVIEW AND ACTION

Agenda Item Title:  Approve Pool of Landscape Architects to Propose on District’s Construction Projects (10 minutes)

Estimated Time: 

Person Responsible: 

Rebecca Westover, Ed.D.
Chief Business Officer


The purpose of this agenda item is to approve a pool of landscape architecture firms that responded to the District’s August 13, 2020, emailed request for statement of qualifications and for proposal (“RFQ/P”) for landscape design work for construction, maintenance, repair or related projects as needed and the District’s Measure T Bond Program (“Project(s)”).  The District is complying with the procurement process required by Government Code section 4525, et seq.  Four (4) landscape architecture firms responded to the RFQ/P.  The District used the following scoring matrix to evaluate each firm’s response to the RFQ/P.



Max. Score

Past experience


Performance information, including claims


Team experience resumes of proposed personnel


Technical expertise


Proximity of offices


Approach to the Services


Proposed revisions to the Agreement


Other relevant criteria, including conflicts





After the above scoring, District staff is recommending that the Board approve the four highest scoring firms identified below to be in the District’s pool of landscape architecture firms for the Projects.


1. Carducci & Associates, Inc.

2. Gates & Associates

3. Verde Design, Inc.

4. Callander & Associates


Once the Board approves this pool of architecture firms, the District will solicit proposals from that pool as each Project is ready for design services and will enter into agreement(s) with the successful firm(s) in the form of Agreement attached to this Board item, which will be brought to the Board for approval.

Fiscal Implication:



Recommended Action: 

Approve the above list of landscape architecture firms to be in the District’s pool of architecture firms for the Projects, based on District’s procurement and selection process identified here.


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Form- Landscape Architect AgreementBackup Material9/24/2020