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Mountain View Whisman School District

Agenda Item for Board Meeting of 5/2/2019

Agenda Category:  REVIEW AND ACTION

Agenda Item Title:  Rhythm and Moves Contract (5 minutes)

Estimated Time: 

Person Responsible:  Cathy Baur, Chief Academic Officer

This agreement is a continuation of a program and will become effective beginning August 12, 2019 and will continue until June 8, 2020.  Contractor agrees to provide a Physical Education Program which includes the equipment, teacher, curriculum, and supervision of the program.  The program will be for 250 singles per week.  The classes will be on the property of the client.

Fiscal Implication:
Contractor shall be entitled to the following fees for its services. $848,750.00 for the contract, which shall be paid in 10 monthly installments of $84,875.00 each. 

Recommended Action: 
That the Board of Trustees ratify the Rhythm and Moves contract, as presented. 

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